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General Liability

Bodily Injury 

Whether your primary operations are at a dispensary, in a greenhouse, on a farm, or even on your customers’ premises, bodily injury claims can be the most expensive and difficult to control. Semler Insurance can help not only provide the best coverage, but can also help you avoid these claims in the first place.

Medical Expenses 

If someone does get hurt on your premises, the situation may be resolved before a bodily injury claim becomes necessary. The policies we write allow for medical expenses to be paid without establishing who is at fault. Knowing how to use this coverage can save your business thousands of dollars and help protect your reputation.

Property Damage 

It may not be just your own property that you have to worry about in the course of conducting business. What exposure do you and your employees have to the property of customers, vendors, and others? We at Semler Insurance can help determine these risks and ensure you have the right levels of coverage to properly protect your company.


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