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Workers' Compensation Insurance

The challenges of putting together a proper workers compensation insurance program can be amplified in cannabis and CBD environments. A key factor in the amount of premium you pay is how your employees are classified. It is important for you to have an agency like Semler Insurance behind you as your policy is quoted: we know which carriers understand your business, and we can ensure that your employees are classified properly.

In addition to what you pay, how you pay your premium can make a difference for your business. Do you experience seasonality that impacts the number and type of employees you have throughout the year? Programs like monthly payroll reporting can help prevent surprises in how much you owe (or how much the insurance carrier owes you) at the end of the policy period.

The best thing your insurance agent can do is to help you prevent employee injuries in the first place. Whether through our resources or those of the insurance carrier you select, Semler Insurance has the expertise in Workers Compensation to help you optimize your environment to prevent workplace accidents.